About UsA catalyst for a better Hawai‘i


At Pacific Current, we strive to create partnerships that achieve our mission and introduce new sustainable solutions to Hawai‘i.

We collaborate with local firms and serve as a trusted partner to mainland and international companies that may not currently have a presence in Hawai‘i.

As part of our selection process, we identify, assess, and manage environmental and social risks to ensure that our potential partners’ values align with our own.

Goals and Example Metrics.

  • Clean Energy
    • Increase % of renewable energy generation statewide
    • Decrease millions of gallons fossil fuels imported and used
    • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Clean transportation
    • Increase adoption of zero emission vehicles
    • Increase accessibility and affordability of zero emission charging solutions
  • Sustainable Agriculture
    • Increase local processing facilities
    • Increase local food production and “net-zero” agricultural practices
  • Water and Waste
    • Increase % of waste recycled / re-used
  • Economic development
    • # of local green jobs

If your organization is working to create sustainable infrastructure solutions for Hawai‘i in the areas of renewable energy and storage, transportation, water, and waste, or agriculture, we want to hear from you.

We are joining forces with local partners and community members to catalyze the development of sustainable infrastructure projects that will advance Hawai‘i’s environmental and economic development objectives,”

– Scott Valentino