We build local partnerships and invest in clean energy and sustainability projects as part of
HEI’s strategy to be a catalyst for a better Hawai‘i.


We accelerate Hawai‘i’s sustainability goals in a socially, economically, and environmentally friendly way.

We do this by investing in long-term, sustainable infrastructure across the Hawaiian Islands. Sustainable infrastructure is key to tackling three central challenges facing the Hawai’i community: dependence on imported oil, inequitable access to clean technology solutions, and the effects of climate change. We apply new business models, technology, and innovation to create a positive and lasting impact for the people of Hawai‘i.


As a tier-one subsidiary of Hawaiian Electric Industries, our mission provides a broad investment strategy that expands well beyond the energy sector. Our focus areas include:

  • Energy and Renewables
  • Transportation Electrification
  • Batteries and other storage technologies
  • Water and Waste
  • Agriculture and Hydroponics


We are joining forces with local partners and community members to catalyze the development of sustainable infrastructure projects that will advance Hawai‘i’s environmental and economic development objectives,”

– Scott Valentino