Hawai‘i is nearing a tipping point toward a clean transportation revolution, but major barriers to EV adoption challenge our trajectory to decarbonize ground transportation. 80 to 90 percent of electric vehicle charging takes place at home — the preferred location for convenience and practicality. However, nearly 50 percent of Hawai‘i’s population resides in a multi-unit dwelling, where installation of charging stations is often complicated and expensive.

In 2019, Pacific Current and EverCharge embarked on a joint venture, EverCharge Hawai‘i, to bring a fully managed, scalable electric vehicle charging solution to apartments, condominiums, workplaces, and fleet customers. EverCharge brings SmartPower technology to EV charging through power optimization. Apartments and condo associations, fleet managers, and EV owners can maximize existing building infrastructure to make adding EV charging stations both easy and affordable.